Child Victim’s Trust Fund Provides Funding to Launch Statewide

You’ve heard it said, “it takes a whole community to raise a child?” Well, it takes a whole community to keep them safe!  Recently, PCAK had the privilege of recording an educational video to empower adults to have uncomfortable conversations with other adults on child sexual abuse prevention. While we know children should NEVER be made responsible for their own safety, research tells us when parents and caregivers talk openly about body safety with their children, it strengthens the family and lessens risk of sexual abuse. The “Safety and Awareness for Every BODY” campaign launched April 6th with a variety of tools for individuals, families and communities.  New tools include the Safety and Awareness for Every BODY educational video, corresponding tip sheet, and new online training! 

Here are ways you can become involved and make a direct impact in your community: 

  • Watch the “Safety and Awareness for Every BODY” video! Share this video with your spheres of influence.
  • Promote this campaign on social media. Visit any Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky social media page (why not visit and share on all sites) and share this information with your followers. Use #SafetyAwarenessEveryBODY. 
  • Order or download the “Safety and Awareness for Every BODY” tip sheet! It’s never too early or too late to start this conversation with your kids or empower the parents and caregivers you work with to start these conversations.
  • Include this information in your organizations Newsletter! Forward this information to colleagues. Let us do the work for you. Contact and we will draft the newsletter for you.
  • Take time to watch the New online training “Raising Safe, Smart, & Healthy Children: Addressing Healthy Child Development as a Strategy to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.” Find out how healthy child sexual development strengthens families & lessens the risk of child sexual abuse. Learn more here! This training can be taken at any time, 24/7. Participants who complete the evaluation will receive a general certificate of completion. Family Resource and Youth Service Center training credits are available and Social Work CEU’s.
  • Promote the “Raising Safe, Smart, & Healthy Children: Addressing Healthy Child Development as a Strategy to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse” training with your networks. If you are an employer or supervisor allow your staff time to complete this training. Watch this training as a staff and discuss ways to implement child sexual abuse prevention education in your work with families and children. 
  • Contact us! We are excited you want to be involved and would love to hear your ideas on promoting this content in your community. 

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This publication/program is funded in part by the Child Victims’ Trust Fund.
This project is funded in part or in whole with state or federal funds through a contract (#PON2 736 2000003480) with the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services.