Lean On Me Kentucky

Lean On Me Kentucky is a movement, an imperative, a Call-to-Action for each of us to help build stronger communities so our children grow up healthy and safe, and our families – all families—are valued and thrive.

We know the life of a child can be changed because of one caring adult.  Magnify the impact one adult has on the life of a child to an entire community and then imagine how we can change the lives of Kentucky’s children and their families. Right now. Today. We have the opportunity to shape Kentucky for generations to come. We hope you will become a COMMUNITY SUPPORTER and then watch how we can change our great Commonwealth.  

By leaning on the people around you and being someone others can lean on, you become a community supporter. Imagine how YOU can help your neighbors, and others within your community in ways you had never thought of before. YOU have talents, resources, and connections that may help a family in need; YOU can lend a listening ear, provide a hot meal, or assist with transportation. A Community Supporter can change the trajectory of a family. A Community Supporter can change a life.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, in partnership with the Department for Community-Based Services, is pleased to launch “Lean On Me,” a toolkit meant to help people and organizations to become effective community supporters.

The toolkit, which you can look through and download below, has resources, results from focus groups, videos, and more about becoming community supporters and how to “LEAN” on the people around you!

As you get used to the toolkit and start to implement it into your everyday life, we would love to hear your feedback! You can give us your feedback here

Stay tuned for more updates!



Check out our FAQ below as you begin to implement Lean On Me Kentucky!