Online Training

Electronic Crimes Against Children: How to Educate, Monitor, and Communicate Internet Safety

Whether you are a professional working to protect children or you are a parent, the following presentation will provide insight into how perpetrators groom children online and what parents and caregivers can do to keep kids safe. The following training was conducted and current as of May, 2019. As technology quickly evolves so do the statistics and electronics utilized by youth.  As such, we will work to update this training annually. Special thanks to our presenter, Major Jeremy Murrell with the Kentucky State Police. 

From Report To Court Online:

We’ve partnered with the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services to bring you a unique training to help understand what to expect from the reporting process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how to recognize child abuse and neglect on a virtual platform and what steps Child Protective Service intervention entails. Special thanks to our presenters, Chelsea Harrod and Syndey Lawson, from the Child Protection Branch, The Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

No HIT Zone

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is proud to be an official No HIT Zone. No HIT Zones are a proactive way to promote, calm, safe and caring environments where violent behavior is not tolerated. It not only provides public notice that hitting is not acceptable in the identified No HIT Zone property but provides training to staff and volunteers on addressing situations in which adults are using physical discipline with children or need to de-escalate a situation which may lead to violence.