Child Maltreatment and Data Statistics

In order to prevent child maltreatment, we must understand the facts. The following statistics show prevalence of child maltreatment in the Commonwealth or Nation. Research tells us mainstream use of statistics without a solution can lead to feelings of hopelessness, thereby driving people to despair instead of action. When using statistics for purposes of educating the general public, please make sure to include a call to action that highlights one of the many ways we can move upstream and prevent child abuse from ever occuring. Need help re-framing your message?

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Please use data wisely. Data is great for grant applications and organizational awareness, but when child abuse data is used publicly, research shows it leaves us feeling hopeless, that the problem is too large to solve, and ultimately the solutions and blame is put on child protective services agencies. Primary prevention of child abuse occurs when everyone takes responsibility for prevention and understands it is a collective, community responsibility. When using data, please refer to the “From Data to Action” Checklist for guidance in creating community supporters in your community and state.

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