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Knowledge is the first step in preventing child abuse and neglect.  Thank you for taking this important step. Our goal is to provide videos and other tools to help you learn more about keeping kids safe.

Guide for using Keeping Infants Safe High School Curriculum

This Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma curriculum is designed for ALL high school students, as the classroom provides an ideal environment to emphasize that violence and injuries to infants are preventable as students are likely to be exposed to infants and toddlers through their lifespan. The curriculum is made available to educators for free with the understanding that they will use the feedback tools.

The course is ideal for current curriculum work in Consumer Science, Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Education, Family Studies, Physical Activity and Health class, or any curriculum of study where students are on a path for healthcare (nursing, nurse aid, medical professional, etc.). Complementary high school education standards are also included.