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To Prevent the Abuse & Neglect of Kentucky’s Children

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In accordance with the Governor's COVID-19 preventative guidelines, PCAK staff will be working remotely until further notice. If you need to contact us for any reason, please email or call 859.225.8879.


Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky's RFP for Parent Education, Self-help and Support Group Services for FY 2021 and 2022 is available now! 


Deadline for submissions is 5 PM EST June 19, 2020.

PCAK staff are prohibited from providing further guidance after the RFP process has begun. Questions should be emailed to Questions with corresponding answers will be posted on the PCAK website weekly.


Social Connections are more important than ever...

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky knows social connections are key to preventing child abuse and neglect. To help make staying connected despite physical distance a little easier, we have developed this "Hey Neighbor!" Card Give this to your neighbor, a family who just moved in or someone you may think needs encouragement. We are all in this together. For resources for families, professionals and tips for self-care during this time, click here.


If you are an educator looking for ways to stay engaged with your students during times of physical distancing, download our Educator's Resource Toolkit designed specifically for you.


Do you have a heart for prevention?

If so, and you want to help families and children who may be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can now purchase our latest Child Abuse Prevention Month "A Heart for Prevention" t-shirt to benefit families through basic needs funding. Click here to learn more! 

A Heart for Prevention T-shirt


During this time of instability, it is important to provide children support, security and HOPE. Check out this blog post from Dr. Bob Sege, MD to learn more about HOPE-informed approaches to the restrictions from COVID-19. 





Count Me In Kentucky! 


The results of the 2020 Census are critically important because this once-a-decade census data helps businesses, researchers, and communities make decisions. The data can help inform where your community needs a new fire department, more funding for school lunches, or new roads.  This Public Service Announcement by the U.S. Census Bureau shows how census data helps inform funding for things that impact our communities. Check out our joint op-ed with Kentucky Youth Advocates here.




How Prepared is Your Organization to Reduce the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse?

How Do I Prevent Child Sexual Abuse As a Parent?


Not Just  Any Movie Premiere: PCAK Video Will Save Lives

Learn More About this Resource for Birthing Hospitals

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Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is honored to be the recipient of the Nonprofit Voice Award from the Kentucky Nonprofit Network, honoring members for their demonstrated excellence in public policy during the 2019 General Assembly. 

Kentucky Nonprofit Network Awards PCAK the Nonprofit Voice Award


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