Parent Education RFP Available Now!

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is excited to issue the Upstream Request For Proposals (RFP), designated for Fiscal Years 2025 and 2026. Successful applicants will provide parent education, support groups (including, but not limited to Parent Cafés), and self-help services designed to support families and their communities. New this year, parent education providers will now be able to choose from three approved curricula.

Please note: this RFP is being issued in advance of any contract being executed, and PCAK
reserves the right to rescind the RFP at any time for any reason.

Please submit any questions via email to Questions and their corresponding answers will be posted weekly on our website for all applicants to access. All required documentation and attachments must be submitted with your proposal on or before the due date of February 29, 2024 at 5:00 PM EST. Access the RFP here.

RPF Questions
Updated 2.16.2024

What is the award ceiling amount for this proposal?
There are no minimum or maximum amounts applicants can request through the Upstream RFP process. The average allocation for current funded programs for FY 23 and FY 24 is $25,513.21.

Can you share what the typical funding ranges are for this grant?
Our average award for FY 23 and FY 24 is $25,513.21. Our smallest allocation is $10,500.00 and our largest allocation is $52,000.00.

How much is budgeted for these services for FY25 and FY26?
This subcontract is being issued before a contract is executed with our funder. Historically, between $350,000.00- $380,900.00 has been allocated for funding Parent Education programming.

How many providers are you looking for?
We are not looking for a certain number of providers. Our goal is to have at least one service provider in each of the 9 DCBS regions of the state. Historically, we have funded between 15-18 providers.

Are providers meant to provide services in all 120 counties?
If a provider has the capacity to provide services in all 120 counties, we would certainly welcome that, however, it is not a requirement that providers serve every county in Kentucky. Providers operate regionally, or in just a few counties. On average, FY 2024 providers serve 5 counties.

What are the geographic areas with the highest needs?
Currently, we are lacking services in far Western Kentucky (Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, Graves, McCracken, Marshall, Calloway, Trigg, Lyon, and Livingston counties).

Who are the current providers? Are they providing services statewide or by region?
Our current providers are:

  1. Children’s Advocacy Center of Green River District
  2. Chrysalis House
  3. Cumberland River Behavioral Health/ TriCo Mentoring
  4. Family Enrichment Center
  5. Family Nurturing Center
  6. Harlan FRYSC
  7. Home of the Innocents
  8. Hope’s Place CAC
  9. Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency
  10. LKLP CAC
  11. The Nest: Center for Women, Children, and Families
  12. Regional Prevention Center of Comprehend
  13. The Sunshine Center
  14. Todd County Health Department

Are there other programs, like Stewards of Children, that can be funded under this RFP?
This subcontract only funds the implementation of Parent Education Programming, Parent Cafés, and Parent Support Groups using the following curriculum:

  • Nurturing Parenting
  • Triple P- Positive Parenting Program
  • Chicago Parent Program

Can a Word Document of the RFP be provided to potential applicants?
At this time, we will not be releasing the RFP as a Word Document, given our concern that the RFP may be altered in some way.  Applicants are welcome to create their own tables and charts that mirror the fillable PDF, if the PDF does not work for them.

What do I do if the fillable PDF does not work properly for me?
There have been a few reported concerns with Attachment A not providing applicants with enough space to justify their line items.  If this occurs, applicants are encouraged to create their own version of Attachment A to utilize as they submit their line items.

We are interested in writing for the Parent Education RFP and had a question regarding programmatic expectations.  We want to partner with schools to facilitate parent cafes and parent forums within our county.  In doing parent cafes and forums-is the expectation to still “teach” a parenting curriculum such as those outlined in the Upstream RFP? 
Applicants are encouraged to write their RFP to provide whatever services, using whatever curriculum, they believe will best serve their community.  If your community only needs Parent Cafés and forums using the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum, please write your RFP to reflect those needs.  One curriculum must be selected and be utilized to provide programs and services through the Upstream RFP.

Can the Lean On Me Kentucky training be attended by the agency’s Prevention Director who oversees the parent education program?
In Attachment D, applicants are required to sign and the Lean On Me Kentucky Pledge and attend a Lean On Me Kentucky training during the funding cycle.  This training can be taken by anyone associated with general program implementation, including, but not limited to, Prevention Directors, Parent Educators, Executive Directors, or others.

In Attachment A, the budget, there is a column for expenses for each fiscal year, but only one column for the requested funding from PCAK.  Is the amount in the PCAK column supposed to be a one or two year amount?
The PCAK Funds Requested column should reflect two-year amounts.

What percentage of match for our budget, if any, is required?
No match is required for this grant.

May we use our indirect costs as match as we have in the past?
PCAK will not direct applicants on the ways in which their budget should be formatted.  Please format your budget in a way that reflects your program costs. 

Is the RFP available in a Google Doc format? 

At this time, we will not be releasing the RFP as a Google Doc, given our concern that the RFP may be altered in some way.  Applicants are welcome to create their own tables and charts that mirror the fillable PDF, if the PDF does not work for them.

How do I submit my application?

Applications may be submitted electronically to Amanda Royer at or electronically via upload to a cloud-based system (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). You may also submit hard copy applications via postal mail or in-person to the address below:

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky
Attn: Amanda Royer
2265 Harrodsburg Road
Suite 200
Lexington, KY 40504

The application deadline is February 29, 2024 at 5:00 PM EST. Applications received after this deadline will not be accepted, even if postmarked by the deadline. PCAK assumes no responsibility for proposals mailed to an incorrect address, with insufficient postage, lost in transit, or otherwise not received for any reason. Please ensure applications delivered via email or through a cloud based system are able to be accessed by Amanda Royer at

We cannot type text into the proposal narrative that starts on page 9. Are we supposed to type our answers up on a separate document?

Yes, proposal narrative questions should be answered in paragraphs, bullets, or a combination of both formats in a separate document.

If I am dropping off my application to the office, how many copies should I provide?

One copy of your application is sufficient.