Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky Provides Guidance for Educators in Unprecedented Times of COVID-19

Lexington, KY – Teachers across the state are learning to get creative in the way they engage with their students. From car parades, to virtual classrooms, to Skype tutoring, Kentucky’s educators are stepping up to the challenges that come with the COVID-19 pandemic. To make the transition to the virtual classroom a little smoother, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of the abuse and neglect of children, has created a guided toolkit with prevention tips for educators. 

“Teachers are the heart of their community. They have stepped up, in unprecedented times, to make certain every child in Kentucky has access to quality education. This toolkit, provided by PCAK, is a wonderful resource for our educators.” said Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman.

All Kentucky residents are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. However, according to U.S. Department of  Health and Human Services, the highest amount of reports of child abuse and neglect come from educators. With fewer eyes on children and higher risks of abuse for families in isolation and extreme stress, teachers can change children’s lives with the decisions they make every day.

“Families need social connections, but necessary COVID-19 prevention guidelines have made it difficult for families to sustain these connections,” said Executive Director Jill Seyfred. “Educators are playing a vital lifeline for students and their families.”

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky’s toolkit for educators holds advice for assessing the safety of families, helping children cope with crisis, at-home activities for students, and resources to assist in virtual learning.

“The physical distancing currently impacting our lives has underscored the important role educators play in the lives of Kentucky’s children. We hope this guide provides some helpful tips to make educators’ jobs just a little easier, as they in, turn, help shape the lives of our future leaders.” 

To view the educators’ resource toolkit and to learn more about PCAK’s mission, please visit

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is the Commonwealth’s leading nonprofit committed to the prevention of the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children through advocacy, awareness, education and training. Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky serves parents and families to ensure healthy, safe environments for all children, they are the Kentucky affiliate of Prevent Child Abuse America.