Alan Sutherland
Angela M. Call, P.S.C.
Benjamin Darby in Memory of Otto Kaak and Billie S. Abbles
Bill and Dawn Smithwick
Bruce and Lisa Olson
Child Victim’s Trust Fund
Dr. Robert Prichard
Emily Bandy
Greer Development
Harry Rothgerber in Honor of Jill Seyfred
Jennings Law Offices
Jessica Beal
Jill Seyfred
John Byron in memory of Lou Byron
Jonnisa Ferguson
Judge Pamela Goodwine
Kappa Delta-Delta Iota
Kappa Delta-Delta Omicron
Kentucky Safety Prevention and Alignment Network (KSPAN)
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Laura Tipton in Honor of Judge Roger and Mrs. Patty Crittenden
Lea H. Fischback
Linda Cauble
Martha Comfort
Michael and Phillis Adams
Millwrights Local 1076
Scott M. Miller Attorney At Law
Sunrise Children’s Services
Teble Peterson
The Home of Opportunities and Dreams
The Honorable Order of the Kentucky Colonels