Pinwheels for Prevention

Pinwheels for Prevention is a national campaign used as a reminder of the uplifting and great childhood all children deserve. The blue and silver pinwheels are popping up all across Kentucky’s to promote our Pinwheels for Prevention campaign – to educate communities on child abuse and neglect prevention. You may order the blue and silver pinwheels, to plant in your community, by visiting our online store. To plant a virtual pinwheel click the button below and follow instructions by choosing “plant a virtual pinwheel” as your donation type.  All donations are tax deductible. The donation can be in memory of or in honor of a person of the donor’s choice.


Prevent Child Abuse America, who holds the trademark registration for the blue and silver pinwheel asks we don’t associate pinwheels with victims/substantiations numbers. Pinwheels may be equated with general statement of support for great childhoods and healthy development. Associate them with live births in your county, number of children/families you serve, or another positive imagery. The Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign does not want to reinforce negative images that may be counter-productive to the symbol’s image of hope, health and happiness.

Pinwheels for Prevention® is a registered U.S. trademark held by Prevent Child Abuse America (Reg. No. 2,800,287). Therefore, partners CANNOT use the elements of Pinwheels for Prevention® or the blue pinwheel mark WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION from the state chapter and, if used, must be accompanied with the PCA America/Kentucky logo for proper attribution. Any organization who uses these trademarked components without written permission or misuses the marks will be notified of trademark infringement.


You probably know of Girl Scouts because of their fantastic cookies (Caramel DeLites!… or do you know them as Samoas?? We are excited about a new partnership with girl scouts from both the Kentuckiana and Wilderness Road Councils. These young women are the leaders of tomorrow! They will join with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky for Wear Blue Day, pinwheel plantings, earning patches and much more! If you would like more information about the Girl Scout’s partnership, patches and/or rates please contact us at or call the office 859.225.8879.