Completed On-line Organizational Self-Assessment

Thank you for taking the On-line Organizational Self-Assessment. You will be emailed your results shortly.

The assessment addresses risk reduction strategies in physical premises, policies and procedures. This written report summarizes your responses and the additional suggestions provided through the online tool. Prevent Child Abuse KY can provide training and technical assistance as you move forward in your risk reduction efforts. There are a number of resources on the Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky website to assist you as you work toward making your organization a safer place for children. All of the elements included in the self-assessment are discussed at length in the Child Sexual Abuse Risk Reduction Protocol for Youth Serving Organizations located on our website. You will also find additional Tip Sheets addressing issues such as Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse, Understanding Healthy Child Development and When a Child Talks About Sexual Abuse on our website.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky shares your commitment to creating safer environments for children and we are available to help guide your planning and program development as you strive to make your organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.