The Power of One

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky

We, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and the undersigned partners, stand united in reaffirming our commitment, and asking you to join us, as we plot a deliberate course forward for our children, youth, families and communities. The choices we make, and the actions we take today will lay the foundation for how our children will flourish in the years to come. Kentucky is starting to get lighter and lighter, and it's not just the sun setting later every day that is causing the change. Hope that a brighter future and a return to a level of normalcy is coming soon is ever-present in conversation. No place is the light brighter than in the lives of our children. As we recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, we reach out to all Kentuckians. Just one adult can make a difference in the life of a child... one person interacting with a child, one social worker, one mental health worker, one police officer, one doctor, one teacher, one elected official, one neighbor, one agency, one community. The power of ONE to impact the life of a child is immeasurable. The ONE is YOU. Take a moment, today, now, to do one or more of these steps that can pave the way for the children in your community.

  1. Review the list of partners signing on to this letter. Are any of them located in your community? If so, contact them and ask how you can help. Every agency has different needs, but each can use your support. If you are not sure, log on to to find a partner in your area.

  2. Find out if you are choosing a safe caregiver for your child;

  3. Reach out to a friend, neighbor, or relative. Being a parent isn’t easy. Offer a helping hand.

  4. Be a “Mandated Supporter” – If you witness a child being harmed, see evidence of abuse, or believe a child is being harmed, remember, you are the voice for that child. Support that child by reporting to your local police or call 1-800-752-6200.

  5. Make sure you keep yourself informed about internet safety. Take the on-line (free) training at

  6. If you find it in your heart and home to adopt a child, or to serve as foster parents, there is a child waiting for you. Go to

Our children, families and communities thrive on making connections, and being connected. What better time than Child Abuse Prevention Month to pledge today to be the connection for one child or parent. YOU can make a difference in the life of a child.



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