Reinventing Our Messages: Promoting Action for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


As nonprofit organizations, government agencies, child and youth-serving entities, we all communicate about our mission. What we say, how we say it, the images we use for our messages, and the messengers who deliver our important messages play a critical role in communication strategies.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky (PCAK) is embarking on a multi-year quest to take an in-depth look at the messages we convey around the topic of child sexual abuse. Through a grant from the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board/Child Victim's Trust Fund, we underwent a strategic frame analysis with Dr. Lynn Davey of Davey Strategies, Inc., which included a framing workshop. The framing analysis allowed PCAK to assess its existing public-facing communication materials and messages around child sexual abuse prevention.

The framing workshop provided PCAK, and key partners, an opportunity to understand how the public processes information about social problems; understand how the public thinks about child sexual abuse and its prevention; as well as understand framing strategies for improving the public's understanding of child abuse prevention and services.

This toolkit is designed for any messenger wanting to create social change through communication, story telling, or advocacy, specifically around the topic of child sexual abuse prevention. The toolkit starts with a look at the way we think and receive information, then transitions to how frames impact the way we form ideas around social issues, such as child sexual abuse. The toolkit provides informed concepts, ideas and messages targeting a universal audience. Content includes an introduction to reframing, talking points, quick-start guides to core frame elements essential for reframing child sexual abuse, editorials organizations can customize for op/eds or blog posts, as well as social media content.

It is our hope you will pair this toolkit with intentional conversations and webinars from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, and use the info as a springboard for creating reframed messages for your organization.


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