Understanding the Risks

Funding from the Child Victim's Trust Fund has allowed Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky to develop a series of media messages airing on television, radio and appearing in the print media. We have worked alongside partners and key stakeholders to develop these messages. Watch our social media and please share and interact with us to help spread the word about how we can prevent the abuse and neglect of Kentucky's children. Please use these in your work and throughout your community. If you have questions, or would like to share with us how you are using these resources, email


Educational Videos

"Silent No More"

The moments after a child reports child sexual abuse are crucial. In this 7-minute video, hear from a survivor of child sexual abuse whose experience and story point us to the importance of paying attention to who could be grooming your children and what to do when a child discloses. Further, David Jude, Executive Director of the KY State Police Foundation, Retired Major with the KY State Police, defines child sexual abuse, who are abusers, and what to do when a child discloses sexual abuse.

Download: "Silent No More"


"Say What?"

Jaime Pittenger, M.D., Pediatric Hospitalist at Kentucky Children's Hospital, shares how effective communication with your kids about healthy childhood development can help prevent child sexual abuse. She offers five steps to help parents have these conversations.

Download: "Say What?"


 Public Service Announcements for Television

"Anywhere, Anytime"

In both 30 second and 60 second formats, these PSAs note we as adults protect our children from many things as they are growing up. Just as we protect them from cuts and scrapes from falling off their bike, or teach them to not touch the hot stove, we must remember to keep them safe from child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse can happen to any child, anywhere, at any time, and occurs almost always by someone we know.

Download: Anywhere, Anytime - 30 second

Download: Anywhere, Anytime - 60 second 


"Keep Kids Safe"

In both 30 second and 60 second formats, these PSAs note we as adults protect our kids from many things as they grow up. Just as we protect children from sunburns, from drowning, from getting hurt on a bike, to driving a car safely, and looking both ways when crossing the street, we must take precaution to keep them safe from child sexual abuse. It is our responsibility. Child sexual abuse can happen to any child, anywhere, at any time, and occurs almost always by someone we know.

Download: Keep Kids Safe - 30 second

Download: Keep Kids Safe - 60 second 


Download: SPANISH Keep Kids Safe - 30 second

Download: SPANISH Keep Kids Safe - 60 second


"Our Role"

In both 30 second and 60 second formats, these PSAs remind adults we must recognize the signs, intervene, have ongoing conversations with our children and report child sexual abuse.

Download: Our Role - 30 second

Download: Our Role - 60 second


Public Service Announcements for Radio

"Keep Children Safe" and "Every Adult Must Take Responsibility" are 30 second radio spots developed out of the abovementioned video-based media.

Download: Keep Children Safe Radio PSA - 30 Second

Download: Every Adult Must Take Responsibility Radio PSA - 30 Second


Small Print Advertisements for Newspapers

"Together We Can" and "It is Happening" are 2X4 print ads in black and white.

Download: "It is Happening" Print Ad

Download: "Together We Can" Print Ad


Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Brochures, Toolkits and Tip Sheets

Download Brochure: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Brochure

Download Brochure:  How Well Do You Know Your Love Interest Brochure

Download: Internet Safety Toolkit

Download: Child Sexual Abuse Risk Reduction Protocol for Youth Serving Organizations

Download Tip Sheet: As a Parent, What Can I Do to Reduce the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse

Download Tip Sheet: How to Choose a Safe Caregiver

Download Tip Sheet:  Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse - Know the Facts

Download Tip Sheet: Understanding Typical Healthy Child Development: An Important Tool to Keep Children Safe

Download Tip Sheet: When a Child Talks About Child Sexual Abuse...



Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky offers an array of trainings around child sexual abuse prevention. Trainings include: Internet Safety, Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molesters, Protocol for Protecting Children in Youth Serving Organizations, Stewards of Children, and Understanding Typical Child Development: A Tool to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.

Learn more about training opportunities by visiting:


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How will YOU help reduce the incidence and impact of child sexual abuse in Kentucky?




These publications and programs are funded in part by a grant from the Child Victim's Trust Fund.

This project is funded in part or in whole with state or federal funds through a contract (#PON2 736 1600001309 4) with the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

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