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*This store is for KENTUCKY ORDERS ONLY. If not in Kentucky, please contact your state's Prevent Child Abuse chapter to make orders.

* IF A TAX EXEMPT AGENCY:  Prior to making a purchase, please email your tax exempt information, along with your organization's name, mailing address, phone number and email address, to PCAKY@PCAKY.ORG. PCAK staff MUST mark you account tax exempt prior to your ordering. Once marked tax exempt, we will notify you to make your order.  

IF NOT A TAX EXEMPT AGENCY: Please continue with shopping. 

- Shipping and handling cost is applicable for all orders shippedPlease allow for up to one week for your order to be shipped out.



If you select "store pick up," please be aware our offices are currently closed. Office Support Coordinator Laura Anderson will contact you to coordinate pick up.  


While our office is currently closed, we are shipping materials once a week. 

If you have questions, please call to speak with Laura Anderson at 859-225-8879.  


Learn more about the pinwheels, their trademark and how to use them, by visiting: 


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